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DIY Cinnamon Room Scent

One of the things I miss about the US while living in a foreign country is familiar smells.  Like pumpkin spice candles filling the room with scent.  I’ve brought candles back with me from the States, but they are gone too soon and I’m left bereft.  Without cinnamon…

Last year I finally thought up a solution.  It’s so simple you’ll love it too.  Be you at home or abroad.  I had two of these:


And, nerd that I am, had no clue what it was.  I also had some horrid smelling oil that I assumed went into the top, but which burnt and smelled even worse when I poured it in and tried to warm it up.  Anyway – lightbulb!  Poured in some olive oil, and spices of my choosing and there it was, the comforting scent of cinnamon spice filling my room.  I’ve since moved on to coconut oil, but you can use olive oil too, just not a strong tasting one.

You need:

1 TB coconut oil/light olive oil

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. cloves

That’s it!  Light a votive underneath, give your oil and spices a stir and leave it to fill up your room with “holiday” cheer 🙂  Feel free to experiment.  I’ve added ginger, cardamom & anise, but didn’t really like the combination.


Playing with wood

Hey I’m still alive – just barely though.  My 婆婆 came to help us out for a month while my ribs healed.  Which meant that I got a lot of rest, but nothing done 🙂  I thought up a zillion projects, attempted to do some, and then realised – I can’t do that!  Ribs hurt.  Grr…

Here’s one I’ve thought about a while, and actually completed a month before.  I know, there are a million of these tutorials online, but none for Taiwan… so there 🙂  Here’s what you need:

1.  old pallet boards (I found mine lying along a paddy road behind some warehouses, and NO, they were not in use, just dumped.  I helped myself.)

2.  remove the rusty old nails – carefully.  I found it difficult to remove all of them because they were sunk into the wood.  So, I just nailed them down in the back.  Not the best idea, but time efficient.

3.  paint if you want another color besides “weathered”

4.  this is where my hack comes in… my printer broke, and I haven’t replaced it yet.  So I chose a font I liked, wrote out the phrase I wanted in my word document, enlarged it until it fit the size I wanted on the board, and traced it carefully with a felt tipped pen.

5.  traced over my paper with a ball point pen onto my board -FIRMLY, so the outline of the letters would be impressed onto the soft wood.

6.  painted the outlined letters with a small flat edged brush in my color of choice.