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Killing Ants

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with the ants here.  Most people complain about the cockroaches, but I’ve had that under control for several years now.  (Just put out 20-50 cockroach traps in every nook and drawer.  Change every 3-4 months)  But ants have always eluded me.  I could never find a trap they liked for long.  They ALWAYS came back.  I looked up some ideas online.  Seems like Borax will do them in.  Dehydrates them or something.  But how to administer it?  Drops around the house?  Sprinkled in with powdered sugar.  Again, nothing worked for long.  Until I mixed it with a little water, made a solution, and added honey.  Good bye ants!  As long as I leave a little (like 2 TB) out on the counter in a mini container (or bottle cap) they wander by but never stay.  Take about 1 TB borax, add 2 TB hot water, stir until there are still some crystals at the bottom.  Add 2 TB honey or sugar syrup.  Mix and set out on the counter.  It does dry up over time, so you’ll have to replace it about once a month, but it really truly does the trick.