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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

moonfestI’m so happy to have come back and not missed the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Because you know what that means?  Moon cakes 🙂  Here in Taiwan, everyone has a BBQ with their friends and families.  There are fireworks (of course), pomelo, moon cakes, snacks of all kinds; and everyone is in front of their house with an itty-bitty BBQ.  Kind of peaceful and sweet.  I’ve made attempts at re-creating a gluten free version of the moon cake above.  Not my best culinary creation, so I’m not including a recipe.  Instead:

DSCN4682Yeah.  Doesn’t look very appetising to an American.  These are Apple Pears.  Chances are, you can find them in your local grocery store, especially if you live on the West Coast.  There are many different varieties, large and brown to small and almost yellow.  They are lightly sweet, and have a delicious crisp crunch to them (better than an apple in my opinion).  So how to pick a good one?  I’m not sure… but it should feel firm, and not be too dark brown or tinged green.  Peel off the skin on the outside (bitter and chewy), then slice like an apple.  Like I said, they have a delicate flavor, so don’t try them the first time if you have just had something strong before hand.  Savor alone 🙂