Gluten Free Tips

If you’re new to cooking Gluten Free, here are some tips/products/ideas that I’ve found that have really helped me.

1.  Choose the right flour.  I wrote about that here.  Currently I don’t use brown rice flour any more.  What I buy here has first been puffed, then ground, and I find that it absorbs too much flour for my recipes to stay true time after time.  I now use white rice flour or “glutinous rice flour” which DOES NOT contain gluten.  It just refers to the type of rice used to make the flour.  I usually use a 2 parts buckwheat, 1 part rice flour 1 part cornstarch ratio in my recipes.  All buckwheat flour will turn hard and crumbly the next day.  Too much cornstarch and your finished product will crumble immediately.  And you know about too much rice flour… gummy.


2.  Use ground flax in place of xanthan gum as “gluten” for your recipes.  Flax also contains Omega 3 oil, which is just great for you.  Some people are allergic to xanthan gum, so when they go Gluten Free and breads still bother them, they are perplexed.  Replacing xanthan gum with flax may fix the problem.


3.  If you’re egg free, use 1 tsp. ground flax as your egg substitute in baking recipes.  I haven’t tried it out in pudding yet, but I’ll let you know.


4.  Use 1 tsp. baking soda in your flour for recipes and 1 tsp. white vinegar in your liquid ingredients.  Presto!  Instant rise.  Don’t over mix, or this effect will dissipate.  Works great in pancakes.


5.  Don’t bake with honey/agave syrup even if you’re tempted.  This is just too much liquid usually for you to compensate for in the recipe.  Go full sugar or sugar in the raw.

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