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Gluten Free Pie Crust

piecrust4With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I’d share my recipes for pie crusts.  I used to bake pies quite often before going gluten free, and considered myself an expert – but there is no expertise when it comes to making gluten free pie crust.  It’s like trying to give a cat a bath.

So here’s what I’ve come up with, and you’re not going to like it.  Use lard.  That’s right, the god-awful white colored shortening that should never be consumed.  But guess what?  It works like a charm for gluten free pie crust, and you’re going to put sugar in anyway, so it’s not like this is healthy food people.  Give it a try 🙂

Pie Crust Tips & Tricks

*Use lard*Roll out the dough between wax paper

*Make your dough slightly on the sticky side

*If you use butter, it will crumble and fall apart.  However gentle coaxing may produce a usable crust.  If that is the case, do not serve the pie warm, let it cool to room temperature first.

*If attempting a double crust, freeze the rolled out crust first before removing the wax paper and flipping it over on top of your filling.  Freezing also works if you’ve flipped the crust into your pan, but are having trouble removing the last piece of wax paper.  Paper will come off nicely once the crust has frozen, about 30 min.

Pie Crust:

1 c. brown rice flour

1/2 c. white rice flour

1/2 c. potato starch or corn starch

1 tsp. flax

1/4 tsp. salt

1 TB sugar (if it’s a sweet pie)

sift/mix together.

Cut in 5 TB lard (or 1/2 c. butter)

piecrust1Mix in 1 egg, 1 tsp. vinegar and 1/4 c. cold water.  Don’t mix well, just kind of fold together.  Add 2 TB of water as needed if you have flour left over.

piecrust2Form into a ball, press between 2 sheets of waxed paper, and roll out.  Don’t roll out too thin, the crust should be thicker than those made with wheat flour.  Loosen both sides of the waxed paper, tear off one of the waxed papers, flip the crust over onto your hand and quickly slide onto the pie plate.  Remove last piece of wax paper.  If it’s sticking too much to the waxed paper, just press the crust into the pie pan and freeze for 30 min, take it out and remove the wax paper.  Should be a breeze now.  Gently lift up on the overhanging edges to get the bubbles out and to fit the pan correctly.  Trim the overhanging crust to the edge of the pie pan.

piecrust3You should have enough crust left over if you want to make a double pie crust.

Press the edge of the crust against the first two fingers of your left hand, using the flat of your right index finger.  Do this all around, slightly raising the edge of the crust.  Using both index fingers at the the same time, press out with the left finger, while pulling in with the right.  Again, do this around the pie pan to create a nice boarder.  The crust is now ready to be filled or pre-baked.

If you don’t want to mess with the finicky pie crust, I suggest an almond crust, similar to a graham cracker crust.

1 c. ground almonds

1/3 c. powdered sugar (use 4TB cocoa, and 4 TB powdered sugar for a chocolate crust)

pinch of salt

2 TB coconut oil or olive oil

Toss together with a spoon, press into the bottom of your pie pan.  Easy peasy.