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Keeping kids busy

I’m working on perfecting my sprouted grain recipes.  Since I have not found my muse yet, here’s a few ideas to keep the kids busy while working in the kitchen:

1.  Playdough.  I love this homemade recipe.  It’s not greasy, and doesn’t dry out very quickly, and is nice and soft.  Of course you MUST add the pie spice or at least cinnamon.  Your hands will smell like pie for hours 🙂

2.  Sensory Rice.  This can make a mess – so if you have an in-closed yard, use it.  I don’t, so I use a tent.  coloredrice

Provide plenty of spoons, measuring cups and cars.

Keep a broom handy 🙂




3.  Magnetic city or dolls.  I have a metal front door.  It’s awesome, because the kids can play with magnets without getting underfoot in the kitchen.  DSCN2718

You can buy adhesive magnetic paper in any craft/stationary store here.  It looks like this. DSCN2723

And look closely to see that the back is paper – you can also buy plain colored magnetic sheets too.  I had the kids color a print out from the website, placed each one on the sticky back of the magnetic paper, covered it with clear packing tape, and cut them out one by one.  I also taped some background scenery and a road to the door.

4.  Tangrams.  I don’t have an Altoid tin, but this sounds like it would occupy the 4 year old.

5.  Felt Road.   This looks like the next project I’ll try that both of them would like.  I think it needs some velcro hot-glued on or they’ll flip out because the road is not staying together.