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Public Transportation, Taichung

I feel like I’ve lost my motivation here… lots of ideas, but little time, and then nothing gets posted – since Oct!  (apparently).  My car is unusable for the moment.  So, I’ve been exploring the bus system here in Taichung.  And, it’s growing on me.  I may not ever want a car again, well except for long trips around the island.  Anywho, here’s the pertinent info:

1.  Buy a bus pass at any 7-11, Family Mart, etc.  100NT.  Add a balance 100NT = 200NT

2.  Buses currently are “free” if you travel under 8 km.  This is basically anywhere in the city.  If you travel under 8 km, there’s nothing taken off your card balance.  I don’t know how long this lasts for… maybe until the MRT gets up and going?

3.  Kids don’t need a bus pass 🙂  0-5?  Not sure how long that lasts… but that’s what it seems to me.  So I can cart my kids around with me on only my adult pass.

4.  I love this live Google map of the buses.  Bonus if you can read Chinese and tell where they are from, and where they are going to in the drop down menu.  But the drop down menu is easy enough.  Pick a bus number, and see where it goes.  Control whether you are going West bound or East bound clicking on the menu that shows up with blue tabs. One tab shows one direction, the other the return direction.  Also shows when the next bus will arrive at your stop.  Pretty awesome.

The citizens here are so considerate.  Always very helpful with giving my kids seats on a crowded bus.  We rocked the Wenxin route today all the way down to Costco.  It only took us 1 hour… hmmm guess that’s the down side of using buses.