Pear Coffee


Took the family up to a restaurant in the Donghai area for the double 10 holiday(雙十節).  Pear Coffee.  I had previously been here to celebrate a friend’s birthday with ice cream.  Delicious ice cream, and not too bad entrees: $250-$800 NT.  Most were full course meals – soup, salad, drink and dessert.  You could also order a la cart items.  Not a whole lot for my husband to eat however – tuna on salad or fillet of sea bass.  The draw of this restaurant is of course the rocks.  The kids LOVED playing in them.  And my husband and I could eat dinner in relative peace, have a conversation for once! 




The only draw back –

a fine white dust covering the kids.  There was however a bucket of water to rinse off in, and spacious restrooms.  It was bath time anyway when we got home.

Choose to sit outside if you want close supervision of your kids.  Most tables are inside, curving around the landscaping.

There are no sand toys, so share with another patron or bring your own.

Pear Coffee is located near Donghai University just off Xitun Rd.  See Compass for details.


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