Chalkboard paint – in Taiwan!

I’m totally stoked – I finally tracked down some unsanded tile grout and was able to make chalkboard paint.  Here’s the elusive info:

After exhaustively searching every 五金 (hardware/dollar store) in town, I finally checked the craft store, and sure enough – unsanded tile grout.  It was in the section for tile projects (unsurprisingly), you could also choose sanded or not and various colors. 

So simple, but it’s taken me at least 6 mo. to find this.  Anyway, followed the directions on Martha Stewart above and presto!  Chalkboard paint on my refridge.  I’m drooling over all the possibilities now 🙂

A couple thoughts on the whole project:

1.  Read through the comments on MS – many people had clumpy paint problems.  (as did I)  Either add your grout to a little water before mixing it in the paint, or sift it in slowly.  Either way, after sitting for a day, it will have dissolved in nicely.

2.  Here’s what I did:

enlisted slave labor to clean my surface






traced my design using a projector






filled in my contrasting border color






mixed my paint using acrylic or water based black matte paint (glossy is fine, but different looking)  Use 1 c. paint to 2 TB tile grout.

I did a few coats because I didn’t want holes when I sanded the surface at the end.  Make sure to sand between coats or any bumps will stay where they are.





one thing I would do differently next time would be to do the finer border design in regular paint, not the chalkboard paint.  It looks a bit chunky to me.  I still love it!  Go out and find your tile grout today 🙂














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