Keep those peas weevil free

When I was in college, my room-mate and I decided to invite her older sister over for some tea.  We picked a time, she was delighted to come.  We pulled out the tea and decided to make some scones.  The scones were all mixed up, the older sister would arrive in 30 minutes.  We pulled out the raisins for the scones… and there was something weird about them, they were all clumped up.  There were weevils in our raisins!  We picked them out, we washed them, but weevils are black and so are raisins.  For some reason (probably the lack of sugar in the scones) we felt compelled to put the raisins in.  What were scones without raisins?  The sister came.  We had a lovely tea, with weevils in the scones.好奇怪!

Here I often find weevils in my rice…beans…split peas.  (My raisins are always kept in the refrige) So how do you keep them out of your grains/beans?

1.  Always keep rice, beans or grains in the freezer


2.  When you buy grains/beans, immediately freeze them for 24 hours, remove and store on your shelf

Obviously I failed to do that to my split peas above.  Should you find yourself with split peas looking like this – grainy on the bottom, cocoon or spider web like strands inside – don’t throw out your grains, just pop them in the freezer, then sift them when you take them out.  Good as new.  And honestly eating a weevil or two won’t hurt you 🙂


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