Noodles Everyday

We went to Noodles Everyday for supper yesterday.  They advertise hand pulled noodles, so of course we just had to check it out.  As you can see from the address, it is on Wenxin Rd. between DaYa and Chongde.

The noodles were definitely fresh, but not made in front of us… so not as fun.  I didn’t ask, but I assume that the guy that makes the hand pulled noodles is only there on the weekends.  It tasted great, but the soup did have MSG in it.  My husband was not able to eat anything here, MSG really bothers his system.  Also they did offer rice noodles, but had it crossed off on the menu.  Must not have been popular, so they were discontinued.

There were a variety of cold dishes – seaweed, tofu, green beans, cabbage etc. as well as soft drinks that you could choose yourself.

The kids saying “hi” to “Uncle Noodle” as we left.

Pulled Noodles are awesome, but I wish these were more fresh…


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