No “gluten free” flours are marketed here, so what I need I either buy what is already available or grind my own with my JoyCook blender.

I buy puffed brown rice flour without sugar from a couple at my morning market.

100 NT for the bag

Regular cornstarch.  I sometimes use tapioca starch, but it contains little balls which don’t    make for the best consistency in baked items.  I haven’t experimented much with potato starch.


Buckwheat.  I’ve been able to find this at most large morning markets.  There is one near me with a man who sells bulk grains and beans.  Otherwise you’ll find this pre bagged with the beans for about 60 NT.  I grind and sift this into a flour myself.

These make up the bulk of the flours I use.  I bake with a fairly even mix of these flours.  If I want something more dense I add more buckwheat.  If I want it lighter I replace all the buckwheat with white rice flour, sometimes called “glutinous rice flour”.  I bring xanthan gum back with me from the states and use that to help my dough stick together.  I’ve thought of experimenting without it.  Here’s some ideas.

My whole approach to GF baking has been revolutionised by Karina on the gluten-free goddess.

I realised that I don’t have to bake everything using just rice flour – yeah 🙂  While she uses quite a bit of sorghum, my little blender can not handle grinding it, so I haven’t been able to try that out yet.  Check her out, there are some great recipes and starting points.

Meanwhile, I’m still experimenting with this:

Sprouted grains and beans.  Healthier, but I never seem to be disciplined enough to soak, sprout, dry and grind.  Takes too long.  A recipe I want to try that doesn’t involve drying at least from Chef in You


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